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Monica Hernandez

The Complexity of Space Software, We’re not in Kansas anymore

With many early missions leveraging custom, commercial off-the shelf, and open source software packages, the issues of software complexity and lack of interoperability have been brought forth in my conversations with space engineers and CEOs.

Monica Hernandez

Designing for Space Robots, A Machine Point of View?

Design and engineering considerations must have an inclusive, participatory process between robots as partners and the broader society. And at the same, it will be critical to start designing for space from a machine point of view.

Monica Hernandez

Who is an Astronaut? Space Jobs in the Era of Frequent Space Travel

The frequency of space travel requires us to define and refer with greater precision the jobs needed in space over the following decades.

Monica Hernandez

The Thinker’s Sanctuary: Science Fiction for Space

There have been noticeable trends in science fiction. I want to share some initial thoughts in response to these space-related conversations. First, I define modern science fiction in its simplest terms as the artistic genre in literature, film, visual arts, music, and other aesthetic expressions, that addresses scientific advances of

Monica Hernandez

Round Pegs, Square Holes, And Human Behavior

Beyond survival, design thinking is at the core of our spacefaring experience, and it must become a mainstay of all conversations meant to empower us to do more in space.

Monica Hernandez

Intergalactic, Planetary, Planetary, Another Dimension… Life

The recent report from the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine explains the ongoing debate in astrobiology about the distinction between a planet's organic alien life or the evolution of organisms brought by crewed missions - i.e., forward biological contamination.