A New Era with Commercial Spaceports

It is interesting to see how time and history collide in the Shetland Islands and Norway as humanity prepares for new chapters in space exploration.

Futuristic impression of a long tunnel, curved hallway.
“Novel commercial spaceports” by Monica Hernandez. June 2020.

There are several spaceports worldwide supporting crewed launches. Unlike any other period in human history, dozens more actively support suborbital and orbital space launches. Two private spaceports have been built in the Northern Hemisphere, opening new chapters in a booming desire for space exploration.

Dreams of a Private Spaceport in Shetland

The SaxaVord Spaceport is located in the Shetland Islands, roughly 170 km (110 miles) northeast of Scotland. A former Viking’s stomping ground, these remote, isolated, and sparsely populated islands in the northernmost point of the United Kingdom are rich sites of biodiverse beauty, including the breeding site of more than 70 bird species breeds in the islands.