Open rooftop parking garage overlooking skyscrapers. Parked compact car. Red and orange aesthetics.
“Martian landscape” by Monica Hernandez. 2021. [r].

The Pursuit of Quantum Science and SETI

The applications that derive from quantum science and engineering will become increasingly relevant.

Monica Hernandez

History shows that the scientific method doesn’t develop in a vacuum. It sometimes advances viewpoints at odds with an empirical understanding of the cosmos. In this respect, the Einstellung effect applies to the advancement of science because the persistence of previous experience may prevent finding a better idea or solution. The ancient Greek Aristarchus of Samos, for example, relayed the earliest description of our heliocentric system—the sun as the center of the universe. However, those principles remained marginalized for thousands of years until Copernicus distributed a brief sketch, the Commentariolus, launching the first steps of the impending revolution in astronomical sciences.

Right now, any conversations about the potential connections between the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) and quantum science and engineering tend to be volatile and polarizing. Sahba El-Shawa and I discussed at length some misconceptions.

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