Spacefaring Digest 2022.02

Spacefaring Digest 2022.02

Our spacefaring era is opening new opportunities every day and it’s exciting to see all of this develop in our lifetimes. If you’ve watched this past December some of the footage from the James Webb Space Telescope launch, you’ll want to take a look at some of its first images in 2022 on the way to its final destination.

Photons Received: Webb Sees Its First Star – 18 Times – James Webb Space Telescope

And of course, I got a brand new post for you! 🔥 This time, I wanted to develop some ideas close to my heart about science fiction and its importance for the space endeavor. I will come back to it occasionally from different angles. Serious science fiction art gives us much to look at and think about. Enjoy and share the space vibes! xoxo.

The Thinker’s Sanctuary: Science Fiction for Space
There have been noticeable trends in science fiction. I want to share some initial thoughts in response to these space-related conversations. First, I define modern science fiction in its simplest terms as the artistic genre in literature, film, visual arts, music, and other aesthetic expressions, t…

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