Open rooftop parking garage overlooking skyscrapers. Camera captured the driver-side’s mirror—yellow aesthetic.
“Retrospective” by Monica Hernandez. 2021. [r].

Reflections on Our Sustainability in Space

Space will increasingly demand us to extend beyond our limits and comfort zones. I wonder how humans and machines will evolve together?

Monica Hernandez

Samson Williams and I discussed at length some of the shifting alliances and new power geographic blocks in the global space industry. Space agencies, countries, and companies in India, China, Latin America, and Africa increasingly leverage the power of networks at home and abroad so that emerging talent capitalizes on global value supply chains. It’s rare to find the opportunity these days to discuss the space economy along with some of the more provocative aspects of our sustainability in space.

Symbiosis: The Need For Stronger Communities in the Space Industry | Hacker Noon
No single space mission or space business initiative operates as a stand-alone. Space research, travel, and exploration challenge us like no other industry.

Samson dives deep into the psychological and innately human components of the space industry. Among his many entrepreneurial endeavors, his anthropology and disaster management background offers fresh perspectives.

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