Space economy

Considerations for the growing global space economy

Monica Hernandez

Soaring to Our Future, A Review of Artemis I Payloads

It will be interesting to see the latest breakthroughs in compressing and making sense of big data from the Artemis I CubeSat missions. Not all of the satellite imagery and sourced data will be helpful.

Monica Hernandez

Truths and Dilemmas of Space Startups

In this endless search for home, we find adventurous startups setting a separate path. A path that yearns for innovation and an agile vision but is often irregular and turbulent. A path sometimes even fatal, cutting a startup's life short.

Monica Hernandez

The Learning Mindset Needed for Future Jobs in Space

The pace and breadth of the space economy will depend on our capacity to learn and innovate.

Monica Hernandez

The Need for Investing in Space R&D and Testing

R&D and in-space testing are two integral components for reliable space technologies and systems. Thus, their need will only increase as our missions evolve.

Monica Hernandez

Space Startup Funding: Perspectives from CEOs and Co-Founders

Daniel and Yanina offered their insights for what worked for them thus far. These snippets of advice early in their paths may inspire other startup founders that may still be figuring it out.