Space startups

Startups and small to medium-sized business-led innovation in the space industry.

Monica Hernandez

Big Questions, Complex Answers

Rich sources of innovation and engineering in different domains and industries, such as deep sea exploration, genetic engineering, etc., might open valuable R&D avenues for space.

Monica Hernandez

Truths and Dilemmas of Space Startups

In this endless search for home, we find adventurous startups setting a separate path. A path that yearns for innovation and an agile vision but is often irregular and turbulent. A path sometimes even fatal, cutting a startup's life short.

Monica Hernandez

Space Startup Funding: Perspectives from CEOs and Co-Founders

Daniel and Yanina offered their insights for what worked for them thus far. These snippets of advice early in their paths may inspire other startup founders that may still be figuring it out.