Space tech

Advances in research and development, or considerations about space technologies, including but not limited to software, hardware, etc.

Monica Hernandez

Space Logistics, Challenges Ahead

The current payload launching momentum will force us to think about space logistics sooner than we think.

Monica Hernandez

Big Questions, Complex Answers

Rich sources of innovation and engineering in different domains and industries, such as deep sea exploration, genetic engineering, etc., might open valuable R&D avenues for space.

Monica Hernandez

Soaring to Our Future, A Review of Artemis I Payloads

It will be interesting to see the latest breakthroughs in compressing and making sense of big data from the Artemis I CubeSat missions. Not all of the satellite imagery and sourced data will be helpful.

Monica Hernandez

Popularizing Space Travel

“Spaceport KSC” is the first time in my life that I’ve ever witnessed a fully-built spaceport for civilian spaceflight. It truly sets the stage to start imagining answers to basic travel questions.

Monica Hernandez

The Complexity of Space Software, We’re not in Kansas anymore

With many early missions leveraging custom, commercial off-the shelf, and open source software packages, the issues of software complexity and lack of interoperability have been brought forth in my conversations with space engineers and CEOs.