Quantum Applications

Quantum applications - MONI-07B
Developments in quantum technologies and applications for space


Spacefaring - MONI-07B
Transcending to outer space beyond Earth’s orbit

Space Economy

Space economy - MONI-07B
Considerations for the growing global space economy

Space History

Space history - MONI-07B
Significant developments in the history of space science and engineering

Space Issues

Space issues - MONI-07B
Broad political, social, medical, legal issues discussed in the space industry

Space Propulsion

Space propulsion - MONI-07B
Rocket propulsion and space transportation

Space Robotics

Space robotics - MONI-07B
Machine autonomy and intelligence in-space

Space Startups

Space startups - MONI-07B
Startups and small to medium-sized business-led innovation in the space industry.

Space Tech

Space tech - MONI-07B
Advances in research and development, or considerations about space technologies, including but not limited to software, hardware, etc.