High-vault ceiling, indoor waterfall. Sci-fi aesthetics.
“Transcendence” by Monica Hernandez. 2021. [r].

The Learning Mindset Needed for Future Jobs in Space

The pace and breadth of the space economy will depend on our capacity to learn and innovate.

Monica Hernandez

How do you prepare for future jobs in space? I have reflected on this upcoming scenario by explaining the importance of working well with advanced automation and robots. Robots allow us to transcend our current physiological limitations. We cannot withstand dangers like our robotic partners, so an essential part of our future in space will be knowing how to work well with robots.

Advances in Robotics are Key to the Upcoming Space Revolution | Hacker Noon
If we want to progress steadily in the upcoming space revolution and the continued commercialization of the space economy, robotics must be front and center.

Technologists and futurists often advance the concept of adopting a newbie mindset that favors a constant “becoming”. I believe this state is especially acute in the space industry. The challenges ahead will increase in complexity as our goals become more ambitious and our dreams get bolder.

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